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scratching my head on this one

Posted by theintelgirl on April 26, 2006

I was not aware that Saudi Arabia was in the habit of releasing terrorists.  Let's run down the reasons I can think of just off the top of my head:

  • Oh yeah.  Osama bin Laden hates the Saud family and Saudi Arabia (and won't even refer to it by that name … instead calls it Bilaad al-haramein – country of the two holy places) and calls for terrorist attacks on it.
  • Terrorists hate the United States.  Saudi Arabia tends to cooperate with the United States.  I've never taken the LSATs or anything, but the logic on that one tells me that terrorists would also hate Saudi Arabia. 
  • According to the article, "Interior ministry sources said the release came after months of counseling by elite Saudi religious leaders to convince them to abandon extremist ideas."  Let's think about this one a second.  I wonder where their violent terrorist views came from in the first place.  hmmm.  **light bulb**  oh yes, that's right.  YEARS OF RELIGIOUS INDOCTRINATION BY HATEFUL SHEIKHS.  I doubt that "months of counseling" could undo that.  Unless (and this is a BIG maybe), by "counseling," they mean: we worked them over, beat them senseless, and caused so much brain damage they have permanent memory loss.  Than yeah, okay.  Maybe they're not as much of a threat anymore. 

Anyone want to take bets on when most of them end up back at terror training camps?  


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