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islamists behind today’s attacks? no way!

Posted by theintelgirl on July 11, 2006

Jihad Watch is reporting that Lashkar e-Taiba (LeT) is responsible for today’s unspeakable acts in India.  According to the Terrorism Knowledge Base, The LeT’s agenda is outlined in a pamphlet titled “Why are we waging jihad.” It includes the restoration of Islamic rule over all parts of India and propagates a narrow Islamic fundamentalism based on the Wahabi sect.

My oh my that sounds so familiar, doesn’t it?  Well, maybe not the “India” part as much.  But yes, the restoration of Islamic rule over THE FUCKING WORLD.  The horrifying “caliphate” they always speak of.  Hmmm, where have we heard about that before.  Oh yes:

Here: Al-Qa’ida’s goal is to “unite all Muslims and to establish a government which follows the rule of the Caliphs.” Bin Laden has stated that the only way to establish the Caliphate is by force.

and Here: Hizb ut-Tahrir says that Muslims should abolish national boundaries within the Islamic world and return to a single Islamic state, known as “the Caliphate,” that would stretch from Indonesia to Morocco and contain more than 1.5 billion people.

and everywhere else you look …


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