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i’m surprised for real

Posted by theintelgirl on November 27, 2006

this is unbelievable

among some of the highlights:

  • 44% of Muslim radicals have received at least a secondary through university education
  • 25% of Muslim radicals have an above-average or very high income!
  • 53% of Muslim radicals believe they’ll be better off in five years

And the absolute shocker

  • 30% of radicals say that Western technology is their most admired aspect of the West, and one-fifth say that the most admired aspect is liberty/democracy/freedom of speech

Is anyone else confused?  Granted, this still means that 80% of radical muslims did not list freedom and democracy as an admired trait, but I never thought that even 20% would say that it was.

This Gallup poll should be studied by terrorism prevention experts everywhere.  If we want to prevent terrorism, should we be focusing on outreach campaigns to poor, illiterate boys with nowhere else to go?

Based on the following study, the answer is no.  Two separate campaigns should be considered.  1)  Reach out to the educated, wealthier folks and find out what makes their radical minds tick.  or rather, what ticks them off.  2) Continue the outreach to the poor and uneducated, as these are the individuals that usually serve as the foot soldiers, grunt workers, whatever you want to call them.

However, I’d like to call attention to the fact that these results somewhat echo Robert Pape’s findings in  Dying to Win.  His data showed that suicide bombers are not necessarily poor and uneducated.


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