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this article made my heart stop … more than once

Posted by theintelgirl on August 15, 2006

British Muslims, Pakistan, face scrutiny

Allow me to point out some of the heart-stopping passages:

But the latest arrests also underlined the polarization of many Muslims. A number of opinion polls over the past year have found that a substantial minority would like to see Islamic law instituted in heavily-Muslim areas of Britain and that nearly half identified themselves as Muslim first and British second. Some 10 percent in some surveys also justified or said they understood the motivations of the London bombers.

A man who gave his name as Abu Abdullhah appeared on Sky News television to argue that Muslims were justifiably angered by the Bush administration’s goal of democratizing the Middle East.

“Democracy,” he said, “is a crime in Islam” and “people who voted for Tony Blair are guilty” because of Mr. Blair’s support for the American-led war in Iraq.

muslim first, citizen second.  this is an appalling issue that will no doubt rear its ugly head in the United States.  I believe what Britain is facing right now with Muslims is what America was facing just a few months ago with illegal immigrants (with the major difference, of course, being that immigrants of Hispanic-origin don’t go around planning deadly attacks in the name of God).  Muslims arrive in Britain, and in general, refuse to integrate into society, and adhere to their own cultural norms.  that itself is upsetting, but not nearly as much as this:

Not only do they refuse to acclimate into society, but they demand special treatment.  does anyone remember the Muslim woman in Florida who wouldn’t take off her hijab for her driver’s license photo?  wait wait, what about the strong “suggestions” Muslim spokespersons gave to Western newspapers regarding the mohammed cartoons?  and let’s not forget that a public official can’t go to a pro-Israel rally, without going to a pro-RoP rally (because politicians are never one-sided on issues).

i lived in a Middle Eastern country.  I had to acclimate.  I had to learn the language, abide by the disgusting customs, and deal with the anti-woman rhetoric everyday.  so glad to see that Muslims in western don’t feel bound by the same obligations.


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