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some general comments on today’s news

Posted by theintelgirl on August 10, 2006

A lot has gone on today, so I’m going to make some general comments

  • The general reactive nature of airline security makes me nervous.
  1. No one ever thought that fanatics would use airplanes as missiles. they did. and now we reinforce airline doors and tackle unruly passengers
  2. No one ever thought that someone could hide a bomb in their shoe. They did. and now we have to take off our shoes at airport security
  3. No one ever thought that someone would bring the components on board to build the bomb from scratch, rather than bringing the explosive mixture onboard, premade. They were about to. and now we can’t bring liquids on board.
  • Why are the terrorists always the proactive ones while we good guys are the reactive ones? Lack of creativity? I don’t know. lack of something, definitely.
  • Where there’s a will, there’s a way. Especially the will of a jihadist willing to kill himself. It makes me nervous to think about, and I tend to believe in U.S. intelligence and homeland security when it comes to the safety of her citizens. I generally feel secure. but i will never ever feel 100% secure when it comes to terrorism.
  • The “homegrown terrorist” phenomenon may not be that far off in America. I just read an article the other day (which now i cannot find) which stated the differences between Muslims in Europe and Muslims in America. The article stated (i’m just paraphrasing here since I can’t find the damn thing), that American Muslims acclimate better than European Muslims, and therefore homegrown terrorists aren’t nearly as likely “grow themselves” in America. I agree and disagree.  Homegrown American Muslims willing to carry out an attack would likely not have the resources available to them to execute something large scale. However, you don’t need a large scale attack and well-coordinated plans to still scare the shit out of people. Just a few fanatics here and there. That would certainly be enough to scare me even more.

Alright folks, stay safe and sane. In closing Pew Poll


2 Responses to “some general comments on today’s news”

  1. defuse_kit said

    I was wondering when someone would mention the reactive nature of the security – especially here in the UK – glad you did. It smells of panic and disorder at the highest level.

    It also suggests to me that 5&6 had little, or no intel at all on this operation until the 11th hour – and they only got that intel from the Pakistanis on a lucky break, (not an agent as we’ve been lead to believe) – which also suggests that they are not tracking many of the right people, or getting quality information regarding current threats.

    The disparity between media disclosure is also something that interests me – within hours of the operation being made public ABC news published the names of the arrested, high levels of detail regarding the devices, the fact that 5 known members of the cell are still at large, and speculation as to their next move if cornered. Whereas the UK media were still on detail blackout for a long time after…Clearly 5&6 have no authority over foreign news, but you would have thought that there would be some sort of “gentlemens agreement” regarding media blackout between them and the firm…or not…does that suggest a frosty relationship between the US & UK Intel agencies? It certainly looked embarrasing from here.

    nice site btw.

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