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the enemy of your enemy is your … enemy i guess

Posted by theintelgirl on May 8, 2006

I starting browsing the website of the Islamic Thinkers Society, which barely made the MainStream Media a few weeks ago for hosting a pro-homicide bombing rally in NYC.

The website, which is filled with wordy, unpoetic fluff which is next to impossible to read, maintains a list of "scholars to be avoided."

1. Khaalid Al-Anbaree
2. Rabee bin Hadee Al-Madkhali
3. Abdulaziz aal Shaykh
4. Abdurahman as Sudais
5. Shakiel Humayun
6. Saleh al Fawzan
7. Aid al-Qarni
8. Zaki Badawi
9. Sa'ad al Barek
10. Yusuf al-Qaradawi
11. Sayyid Tantawi
12. Saleh ibn Ghanem as Sadlaan
13. al-Bouti
14. Hamza Yusuf Hanson
15. Dr. Muzammil H. Siddiqi
16. Dr. Abdul Hakim Jackson
17. Dr. Ahmad Shleibak
18. Dr. Akbar Muhammad
19. Dr. Deina Abdulkadir
20. Shaikh Hassan Qazwini
21. Dr. Ihsan Bagby
22. Dr. Jamal Badawi
23. Dr. Muhammad Adam Sheikh
24. Shaikh Muhammad Al-Hanooti
25. Shaikh Muhammad Nur Abdallah
26. Dr. Salah Soltan
27. Dr. Taha Jabir Alalwani
28. Shaikh Yahya Hindi
29. Shaikhah Zainab Alwani
30. Dr. Zulfiqar Ali Shah
31. Dr. Mukhtar Maghraoui
32. Dr. Nazih Hammad
33. Hisham Kabbani

Pretty damn crazy that most of these folks are also on some of America's most hated lists. Jamal Badawi, for instance, is on the board of CAIR. Muhammad Al-Hanooti has alleged ties to Hamas and even raised $6 million for them. Qaradawi? Well, we won't even go into that.

I guess even violence-supporting thugs don't always get along.


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