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no martyrdom for Moussaoui

Posted by theintelgirl on May 4, 2006

Best list of info and articles here

I find the comments of prisoners who convert to Islam while serving their time particularly interesting.  Now, granted, Moussaoui probably won't have much interaction with other prisoners in a SuperMax Federal prison, but it still concerns me immensely.  That's all we need is some psycho islamic militant fanatic convincing other criminals (who already hate America / the law for their own reasons)  to somehow destroy America.  

Here are some articles on prison converts to Islam.  SCARY FUCKING SHIT

  • Front Page Mag.  One note – I find this acronym upsetting:  The Graduate School of Islamic and Social Sciences (GSISS).  Sound it out.  Gee-sus.  I guess the "Mohammed" acronym might've been too tough.

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